Nelly - Increasing Nellys udder size -

Nelly - Increasing Nellys udder size -

We have the perfect machine for that. The problem is, this session isn’t going to be fun either. Poor Nelly. She does have a perfect body though, all stretched out on the bed, completely naked. It’s just that she could use a little more… volume. Nelly was very afraid of what was going to happen next. And rightly so, because the Electronic Breast Training device has incredible vacuum power (be very careful trying this at home). We had it on quite a high setting until Nelly’s udders were almost completely filling the cups! That’s a lot of power!

Girls: Nelly
Scene: Increasing Nellys udder size
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Pumping, Solo

Quality: FullHD
Size: 569 MB
Nelly - Increasing Nellys udder size -

Website: HuCows BDSM Bondage Pumping Solo

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